Apollo Beach Preserve Sunset

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Friday, January 5th, 2024            

Drew, Jayden, Tara, and I headed over to the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve tonight to watch the sunset. We got there a little later than we hoped, but we were able to take some nice pictures nonetheless. Of course I brought my camera to take pictures, but I left the battery at home, so tonight's photos were cell phone pictures. Hopefully you enjoy anyway!

Sunset at Apollo Beach Preserve


Here are a few pictures of the setting sun as seen from the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve...




The city of St. Petersburg can be seen in the distance...


...while the city of Tampa can be seen in the distance to the north.


The TECO Big Bend Station can be seen from the preserve.


Some more sunset photos...


Rodney & Tara taking a selfie together.


The last remnants of the setting sun...



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