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Samantha had her first ever flag football game on Saturday, September 19th, right after her soccer game finished. Although I was unable to see the entire game, what I did see what fairly interesting. She got to play pretty much every position on the field, even running back and center. On the play I saw her carry the ball she was tackled for a loss, unfortunately. Despite her team's hard work, they ended up losing the game 16-12 thanks in part to a safety and a bunch of missed 'extra-points'. Just a reminder, Sam is #41 this season.

Game 1

Samantha lined up on defense, ready to make a tackle.

Sam watching as the opponent tries picking up an incompleted pass.

Sammy ready for the action to get underway.

Sam ready to snap the ball while playing center.

Sam running down the field on offense, ready to either block or try to catch a pass.

Sam lined up on defense once again. She is still trying to get used to her mouth guard...


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