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    Samantha really wanted to play tackle football this year, but Tara and I couldn't stand to see her quit soccer (see seems to enjoy it and she does fairly well at it too). As a compromise we convinced her to give flag football a shot for a year, so she is playing in the Upward league to see how much she likes it. Her tentative schedule is posted below (we have not actually received an official schedule), so be sure to check back often for results. Just a quick reminder - her team name is the Giants, and her number is 41 this season. As always, enjoy!


Date Time Field Result Score Record

Game 1

09/19 10:00am SMS L 16-12 0-1

Game 2

09/26 10:00am SMS L 18-17 0-2

Game 3

10/03 10:00am SMS L* 14-10 0-3

Game 4

10/10 10:00am SMS T** 25-25 0-3-1

Game 5

10/17 10:00am SMS L* 14-8 0-4-1

Game 6

10/24 10:00am SMS W 26-18 1-4-1

Game 7

10/31 10:00am SMS W 18-8 2-4-1
  • League Pictures - Click here for Samantha's flag football team photos.

  • League Banquet - Follow this link for pictures from Samantha's flag football league's annual banquet.


  • *Samantha had to leave this game at halftime due to a conflict with her soccer game.
  • **This game may not have been a tie - Sam's coach told the team that they won, and I didn't realize that there was a 1-point and 2-point conversion.


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