Game 7

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    The Giants put together another good game this morning, for their final game of the season on this Halloween Saturday. Samantha had a few chances at running the ball, and she also had another catch (I tried to take a picture, but Tyler walked in front of me when she caught it and by the time I could take the picture there were other players in front of her blocking my view - argh!). The good news is that they manage another win, this time by a final score of 18-8. Go Giants! For the final time of 2009, Sam wears number 41 on her jersey.

Game 7

Samantha trying to get open for a pass on this play.

Sam lined up, waiting for a play to get underway while playing defense.

Another picture of Sammy lined up to play defense.

Sam holding her mouth guard listening to the coach make a play call.

Sam discussing with her teammate what to do when they blitz the quarterback.

Sam running on the field.


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