Game 4

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    Samantha got to stay for the whole game today, and it was good one to be able to stick around for. I recorded the final score as a tie, although it may not have actually been one. Since this game I have learned that there is a 1-point conversion and a 2-point conversion that the team can try for after scoring (one is about 5 yards farther from the goal line than the other, there is no kicking in this league). Either way, this was the best game that we have seen the team play this season. Sam spent a lot of time playing center today, and she also got to run the ball! Just as a reminder, Sam wears number 41 this season.

Game 4

Samantha running the ball during the first half.

Sam also got a chance to play center during the game this morning.

Sam hiking the ball to the quarterback.

Sam snapping the ball once again.

Sam watching for the ball while playing defense.

Sam lined up on defense, waiting for the next play to start.


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