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    In what has become an annual tradition in our house, we made our trek to the North American International Auto Show on Saturday, January 16th. Although we would have preferred not to go on opening day, neither Tyler nor Samantha had a basketball game scheduled for this weekend (they both play next Saturday, plus we have Drew's birthday party that afternoon - we also didn't want to go on the final day, Sunday, which would have been our other choice). I don't know if it's just me or not, but I didn't really enjoy the show as much this year as I have in some of my past visits. It was a better show than last year, however.

    The kids seemed to have fun, climbing in and out of as many cars as they could. The auto show is kind of like one of those clown cars, except instead of how many people can climb out of one car, for the kids it is how many cars can one person climb in... They had fun doing that, so I guess I cannot complain too loudly.

The North American International Auto Show

Drew, Samantha, Tyler, and Jayden sitting in the back of a Ford pickup. They all had to try out the step and handle that is integrated into the tailgate.

Drew sitting in one of his all-time favorite cars, the Ford Mustang.

Jay and Sam sitting in the Mustang together.

Jay, Drew, and Sam driving some type of golf-cart/car thing.

A look at another on of the golf cart cars. Basically, they seem to be a golf cart with a fancy roof and doors on them.

Tyler inside one of these weird little machines.

Drew and Jay standing in front of an off-road Chevrolet Silverado. Drew thought that this was the pickup we should buy.

Drew in the Bumblebee Camaro from the Transformer movies.

Jay and Sam in the Bumblebee.

A shot of Sammie by herself.

Tyler taking his turn behind the wheel.

Drew in the limited edition "Synergy Green" Chevrolet Camaro.

Tyler talking to Jayden while sitting in the Camaro.

Tyler got his chance to sit in the Synergy Green Camaro.

Sam and Jayden together in this new Camaro.

This is a hot-rodded version of the new Chevrolet Aveo that will be built in Orion Township.

Sammie sitting in the back of a bright yellow 4-door Jeep Wrangler. This is the kind of vehicle that she wants to own.

Tyler, Drew, and Sam looking excited to be standing in front of a Ferrari. The lady in the back had a thing for Drew - she waved to him as the kids walked up, and she is looking at him now...

Drew in another of his favorite cars, a Dodge Challenger SRT (although the Charger is his favorite Dodge).

Jay got a chance to sit by herself in the Challenger.

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