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    As part of the selection process for the Holly Little League district team 24 players were chosen and divided into two teams - white and grey. After attending two practice sessions, Samantha was chosen for the grey team. Although not explicitly stated, the white team was essentially the "A" team while grey was the "B" team. The two teams were then entered into the Fred Moore Memorial Rotary Tournament in St. Clair. This is a two day tournament with three games on Saturday and more on Sunday (assuming you make it that far). This process is supposed to help the coaches choose the final 12 kids (or so) for the team that will compete in the little league district tournament, though I suspect that they already know who those kids will be.

    To make matters worse, the tournament was supposed to consist of other little league teams, but in reality it was made up of five travel teams and two little league teams (those from Holly). The loophole being that the kids who play travel ball also play little league during the week, making them eligible. Of course they all showed up in their travel team uniforms, complete with warm-ups and matching ball bags with names and numbers on them. Our kids have none of that. In fact, their uniforms were t-shirts printed with a Holly Baseball logo with numbers on the sleeves. Needless to say, it wasn't a fun weekend.

Fred Moore Memorial Rotary Tournament - Holly Grey



Location Time Result Score Record
  Jun 13 Game 1 - vs. Plymouth-Canton Power St. Clair 8:00am L 21-1 0-1
  Jun 13 Game 2 - vs. Macomb Twp. All-Stars St. Clair 12:30pm L 10-0 0-2
  Jun 13 Game 3 - vs. Motor City Royals St. Clair 5:15pm L 11-1 0-3


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