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Drew enjoyed himself so much the past two years playing in Hamilton, Ontario, that he decided to try out once again for the CANUSA team. After two straight years in Canada, this year the games would finally return to Flint, this time for the 60th edition of the games. Drew tried out for the U12 team, but due to the large number of players trying out (and the fact that he is technically out of district - as in not a Genesee County resident), he wasn't chosen for that team. He was able to crack the U14 roster, however, so he will be returning to represent the USA for a third straight year. Like last year, Drew and his teammates will be battling against a team of players from the Hamilton area in two games. The players will also be billeted, or housed, with a player from the opposing team for the weekend. This means that Drew has his first opportunity to host a Canadian player. 
  • Opening Ceremony - Here are the pictures from the opening ceremony that took place on August 11th.
  • Closing Ceremony - Follow this link for pictures from the closing ceremony that took place on August 13th.

CANUSA Games - Flint



Location Time Result Score Record
  Aug 11   Game 1 - vs. Hamilton Flint Iceland 7:00pm L 7-1 0-1
  Aug 12   Game 2 - vs. Hamilton Flint Iceland 12:00pm L 11-2 0-2


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